Since the beginning of time, traveling has provided those who develop a craving for adventure with the opportunity to discover and explore.

While popular national landmarks and monuments become common knowledge, cities work hard to expand and create new points of attraction each year to ensure returning and new guests have a memorable experience. Now, there is a platform where the best of tourism in America, both on and off the beaten path is able to be seen.  

Travel America is an on-going travel series promoting tourism attractions and destinations within the United States. The season-based show will begin production of its first season, “Show Me MO” focusing in on the well known, as well as hidden gems exclusive to the state of Missouri.  

The design of this program is inspired by parts of public broadcasting programs like travel host Rick Steves’ Europe, educational components from Reading Rainbow, and applied history from This Old House.

The show, hosted by D.J. Rockette of O’Fallon, is a travel enthusiast and content creator. D.J. has gained attention on a local and global scale through his videos which combine for more than 30 million views. He would then go on to create “The Missouri Anthem”. An original music video that included 53 cities within Missouri, with lyrics that tied the history as well as tourism points in an entertaining and innovative way. The project garnered the interest of the Missouri Division of Tourism and began a relationship that would soon spark his interest in the realm of creating a new and modern tourism campaign.


Executive produced by Brandon Wade, founder and owner of Unify Creative Agency, as well as an award-winning filmmaker and director himself. Brandon is maybe best known for his work on “Paving The Way”, the feature-length documentary telling the story of the true pioneers of tourism. “Paving The Way” airs nationally on PBS reaching the homes of millions of Americans, in addition to airing throughout Canada. The film would go on to receive four Telly Awards, winning Best Documentary for Television, Use of Music and Cinematography, and additional awards for Copywriting/Scriptwriting. 

With Brandon’s well-seasoned experience in creating television documentaries, and D.J.’s authentic and energetic style on-camera, it is sure to be a fun and exciting ride for everyone involved. The mission of the show is to encourage tourism within the United States. We go beyond the big cities and into the smaller towns with vibrant life and amazing history that deserve to be shared with the world. To encourage travelers across the land to see America first. To build pride for where you live, as well as generating excitement for all the places you’ll wish to go.  

Every city has a story, everyone deserves to hear it.